Installing ASSIsT

There is more than one way to install assist, here we present two options.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to install ASSIsT is to use pip. If you wish to perform a global installation and you have admin rights then do

sudo pip install assist

or to install in some directory under your user account

pip install --user assist

Installing on *nix Systems

From the command line do the following (where x.y is the version number):

tar xvzf assist-x.y.tar.gz
cd assist-x.y/
sudo python3 install

The last command can be replaced by python3 install --user. See PyPI for all available versions.

ASSIsT executable

To be able to call assist from the command line you must have the executable directory in your $PATH. This can be taken care of my calling the install command in assist. Since the executable is not yet available you will have to call python first.

python3 -m assist install

This will print several messages describing some paths. To verify that assist is now in your path you can try the help option

assist -h

The install command also takes care of the C and C++ include paths. This will make sure that you can include the header files containing the models, methods and collectors from this project.